Javen Bear

Javen Bear is 25 years old and lives with his beautiful wife Aleisha in Phoenix, Arizona. He works as an admissions representative at Grand Canyon University where he also studies mental health counseling. This is where he writes and posts videos.


In the Dirt with the Angel

7 reflections on turning 25

This 7 part series of relflections is written as I turn 25 years old. I’m convinced to be human is to struggle and to struggle with God. This series serves to honor the difficult questions. I don’t know if everyone has questions their mind continually turns over while they walk the dog, shower, drive to work, but these are mine. I’m hopeful that in 25 more years I’ll have more compelling, more faithful answers to them than I do now – or that I’ll have moved on to more interesting things altogether. Either way. You can find the posts below.

(1.) Difficulty of Hell & Ease of the Speil – 8/7/22

(2.) Tradition – 9/4/22

(3.) Psyche, Spirit, Body 9/25/22

(4.) The Elements – 11/13/22

(5.) Slipperiness of the Kingdom (forthcoming)

(6.) The World in a Grain of Sand (forcoming)

(7.) The Necessity of Struggling (forthcoming)


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There’s so many differnet worlds,

So many different suns,

And we have just one world,

But we live in different ones,

Dire Straits

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