songs are the sound

of our collective dream.

Volume I: Rambling Anthems

Volume II: Songs for the Springtime

Volume III: A Wide Open Room

Other various songs can be found here and in the posts below.

All the Songs

This is the most complete collection of my songs ever collected! Most of them have been posted before (not all), but never all in one place. What follows are the three EPs with all their songs (click the links to listen) and a short synopsis for each album. “A Wide Open Room” (August 2019) TheseContinue reading “All the Songs”

all i know

I wrote this song one night while sitting on the floor of the room in the cover photo. Then, it still had bare studs and a plywood floor. It’s about the enneagram, and a girl, and it kind of borrows from a Springsteen song. To record, I put some delay and distortion on my nylonContinue reading “all i know”

good old days

This is my disbelieving smile: to those who say that we’re headed for hell – to those who say we’ve come so much farther than any other people – to those who say the good old days were so much different than today. My friends, these are the good old days. And we too willContinue reading “good old days”

in your arms

This is my favorite song on this album. It’s about having somewhere to run when the world around affords no place to hide, a bridge to walk up under when the road is getting driving rain. It’s a very short, simple song. I wrote it while sitting at my desk – then recorded it theContinue reading “in your arms”

to the sea

I was on a surfing trip in Charleston with some of my best friends when this song came to me. It was late at night, and I was sitting up in a stranger’s living room. Then I went to Corey’s house, and helped me record it. It’s about getting washed clean of everything that isn’tContinue reading “to the sea”

with you

I wrote this song after a basketball game one night. I had played really bad, and gotten really frustrated. It’s the longest song on the album, and took the most work to record. Tristan was staying at my house one weekend, so I made him help me. He played the percussion, some guitar, sang someContinue reading “with you”

For the Sleeper

This is a song about traveling the world. It was about 3 months between the time I started writing and when I finished recording. cheers. For the Sleeper Goodnight sleeper when you sleep, I’ll be standing guard in the streets, Over everything, and everyone, Goodnight sleeper when you wake, I’ll have been around the world,Continue reading “For the Sleeper”


It was about a year ago that three of us young dudes headed west. We had bought and prepared a 1997 Dodge Wagon, a beast of a carriage. It was hideous, so we painted flames and flowers and ‘carpe diem‘ on it. It was un-homely, so we built beds in the back and threw downContinue reading “Run”


Part 1: A few months ago I got the idea that I needed a work desk, a better one. I have a desk in my room, but it’s the one that Dad had at his mini-barn office…and my knees are always hitting the top…and it’s pretty ugly. So I decided I’d make a better one.Continue reading “Springtime”

Spanish Class

The evolution of the internet is truly an incredible thing. For the past several weeks my friend Taylor and I have been working on a little project together. We were able to send ideas, lyrics, and bits of recording back and forth until finally we arrived at a finished song. Not tremendous, but finished. AndContinue reading “Spanish Class”

Rambling Anthems

I write stuff – sometimes even when people aren’t holding guns to my head. I want to make sure to give a clear description: if you give me $5, I’ll give you a copy of a collection of demos I made called “Rambling Anthems”. I wrote most of these songs while I lived in Oregon lastContinue reading “Rambling Anthems”

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