In 2017, I was living in Brownsville, Oregon doing an internship with Gospel Echoes, a prison ministry. Pictured above right is Travis Miller. We did everything together during as interns, and he was an excellent friend to me. The posts from this year up until July are filled with pictures of traveling to various prisons and life in Oregon. When my internship ended, I headed out on an epic, coast to coast adventure with two of my best friends in a Dodge van. It was one last hurrah before college began in the fall. At the end of the year, I was trying to figure out what to do with this website since it’s purpose of keeping my friends up to day with my life in Oregon was finished. I began writing more thoughtful posts and imagining what else I could do as a writer.

  • Coast to Coast
    It’s 11:35 p.m. in the living room and there’s a fire burning. This is about my favorite time of day to be alive. They let me fly home for Christmas on December 20th. The plan was to go home for Christmas, head to Florida for a few days, come back for another week, and thenContinue reading “Coast to Coast”
  • Under the Rainbow
    Hello my friends. This is my January as described in words and images. I hope it was a good month for you all. It definitely dealt its ups and down to me. Saturday, a week and a day ago, our youth group loaded up drove a couple hours west towards the coast for the annualContinue reading “Under the Rainbow”
  • Comings and Goings
    Subway. 9:31 p.m. – Lakewood, WA Hello friends. I hope you’re having a good Monday. This morning we played a few songs at a lovely Methodist church with giant sloping wooden walls and a big stained glass window where the pastor talked about the love language of quality time and how we ought to takeContinue reading “Comings and Goings”
  • Washington
    Hello my friends, We recently, sort of..it’s been at lest a week, got back from a twelve day tour to Washington, which is somehow even rainier than Oregon I think. The winters out in this part of the country are just relentlessly wet. The other day it rained as we walked into church, snowed brieflyContinue reading “Washington”
  • A Million Miles in a Few Minutes
    Greetings friends and strangers and those in between, Yes I totally ripped off Donald Miller in the title. Because A, you should read him. And B, it feels like there’s a ton of things to show you this time. And C, naming things is hard – I wonder what must have come over Adam. TravisContinue reading “A Million Miles in a Few Minutes”
  • Jawbone Flats
    Some weeks ago, about three, I got to go hiking with some friends. We walked about seven miles total and saw lots of lovely things. This is what it looked like from the point of view of the guy always trailing behind and clicking away. Ben’s Honda Civic traversed several miles of the most pot-holedContinue reading “Jawbone Flats”
  • Montana
    Leaving home and volunteering with a ministry which focuses on traveling, I get pretty good at, or used to, saying goodbye to places and people. Goodbye room. This trip was a banquet tour, which means that most of what we did was put on banquets instead of going into prisons. These banquets raise support andContinue reading “Montana”
  • There and Back Again, One More Time
  • The Dawning
    This page was created as a medium to keep friends up to date with what was happening in my life while I was away from home. And now July has come, I am home at long last, and its purpose has been fulfilled. Moving forward I’m not sure if I’ll use it anymore or not.Continue reading “The Dawning”
  • New Orleans
    7/12/17 5:21 p.m. Mobile, Alabama Mobile is, as it turns out, the hometown of Forrest Gump in the novel – but not in the movie. Colson is the d.j. as we head south and west towards New Orleans. I’m sitting on the bed we framed into this van as we roll down 65 to theContinue reading “New Orleans”
  • Old Friends
    7/19/17 12:45 p.m. Between Red Mesa, Arizona and the Grand Canyon On Friday the fourteenth we drove from Post, Texas to Canon City, Colorado where the long lost Stoltzfus’s live in a nice house with a great view and a gravel yard. They kindly put us up for about four days. For some reason allContinue reading “Old Friends”
  • Time Takes Its Toll On Us
    Ms. Boyter assigned us a cause and effect essay. Javen Bear Professor Boyter English Composition 1 10/11/17 Time Takes Its Toll On Us From essays to songs to cinematic dramatizations to social media, we are lovers of art and stories. It has been this way for a very long time. I’ll bet from the first dayContinue reading “Time Takes Its Toll On Us”
  • The Man in Black
    This is a research essay I wrote for Ms. Boyter during the final days of my first semester. The picture was taken with a 35mm film camera and a self timer. Javen Bear Professor Boyter English Composition 101 12 December, 2017 Atop the Shoulders of the Man in Black The shoulders of Johnny Cash wereContinue reading “The Man in Black”
  • The Island
    Javen Bear Professor Boyter English Composition 9/29/17 The Island We all have certain places that draw us back time and time again, or at least we ought to. These are the things in life that call us out of the routine and beg to be experienced. And we answer the call by going back timeContinue reading “The Island”

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