In 2016, I moved from South Carolina to Oregon for an internship with Gospel Echoes, a prison ministry. I traveled with the Gingerich family on a large bus for a good portion of the year as we played music for inmates in prisons across the country. It was also a year of me figuring out what direction I would head in life. Up to this point, I had been working in a mini-barn construction shop. It was during this year in Oregon that I started doing a lot of writing and learning more about how I could point myself toward the things I found the most meaningful and fulfilling. The posts from this year are filled with pictures and stories of traveling around the northwest on a big bus. I was brand new to building a website and writing for it, and this was another area of growth for me as well.

  • Oh! Canada
    Today about 5 p.m. we crossed into the second greatest country in all of North America..it was pretty exciting. We entered Canada with no trouble at all. Right now I’m sitting in the McDonald’s of the Walmart Supercentre where we’re parked for the night. I hear Maroon 5 on the speakers, so apparently they haveContinue reading “Oh! Canada”
  • Thousand Oaks Gospel Camp
    On Friday the 24th we arrived at the annual gospel sing event that happens in Winkler, Manitoba. It’s a great gathering of people (about a thousand) who come to camp, hear music, and spit sunflower seeds. I found their spitting method peculiar. They put one seed in their mouth at a time instead of loadingContinue reading “Thousand Oaks Gospel Camp”
  • Recording and Ambling On
    The kids finished recording their new album after three days of hard work with the guys in the Gospel Echoes studio. I think it turned out pretty well. During the recording I didn’t have a whole lot to do besides observing the process. During the time we were in Goshen, I got to see theContinue reading “Recording and Ambling On”
  • Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania
    Here’s pictures from our week in Goshen. We had a nice meal in a beautiful old barn and then later in the week was the annual ‘all team sing’. While in Goshen we stayed with Ron and Julie Martin..they took us swimming.. ..and fishing with a friend on Lake Michigan.. That night Everett and CharlotteContinue reading “Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania”
  • A Long Way Home.
    Summer tour has been wrapped up. My good friends have come and gone. Here’s pictures of it all. Butte, Montana We had a day where we got to go hike around the falls in Idaho where the Snake river takes a plummet. I forget where these houses were but they really cracked me up. TheyContinue reading “A Long Way Home.”
  • August.
    The Rock of Ages retirement village in McMinnville, Oregon hosts an event every year that features lots of live music, hot air balloons, food tents, face painting, bouncy houses, and my favorite, a huge water slide for anyone who wants to get wet. As it turned out that meant me and tons of kids fromContinue reading “August.”
  • 9/30/16
    Someday I’d like to have a desk that looks like Einstein’s. I got to go a concert last week to see Jason Gray, Josh Wilson, and JJ Heller. It was a pretty good show that was held a beautiful dome-shaped church. JJ Heller was my favorite; her and her husband Dave did most of theirContinue reading “9/30/16”
  • Fall Tour
    Preparing to leave. It’s kind of weird packing for a two week trip when you’ve only recently moved. It feels like you just pretty much take everything. Travis and I restrung our guitars before we left (thank you Esther for the Elixirs). And this was my first time replacing a bridge. It took me aContinue reading “Fall Tour”
  • walking tall, flying high, and sitting down
    Hello my friends. It has been quite a while, I’ll bet you hadn’t noticed. But I cut a deal with myself that I’d update this sucker before I watched a movie. And if you break a deal with yourself, you are the wrong-doer and the wronged. A few things: first, I changed the format ofContinue reading “walking tall, flying high, and sitting down”
  • Snow on the Green Grass
    It is now without a doubt looking like winter and feeling like Christmas. Both of the local Christmas pageants have been cancelled because of bad weather and icy roads. And it just seems strange to me because the fields are still green, and I seen some of Debbie’s roses still hanging on all the wayContinue reading “Snow on the Green Grass”

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