The Water Reviews

In Phoenix this summer, Aleisha and I tried all different kinds of sparkling water. And then we rated them on a scale of 1 to 5. I recently set up Stripe, so I could use this platform to earn money at some point. The form below is evidence! Perrier – Peach Aleisha: “The shape of … Continue reading The Water Reviews

The Bull Pen Swimming Hole

On July 16, Aleisha and I took some friends to the Bull Pen Swimming Hole, a lovely place near Camp Verde. We used directions found on this website to get there, but we had some trouble finding our way. Below are pictures of our excursion as well as directions on how to get there. The … Continue reading The Bull Pen Swimming Hole

Week One

Our Place We got into Phoenix last week around midnight on Saturday night after a very long day of traveling from Oklahoma City. We get to stay this beautiful, fully furnished home, the owners of which are a law professor and a speech therapist who are traveling as a family during summer break. We’ve both … Continue reading Week One


My friend, I remember sitting on a blanket in the backyard across the street after a phone call. 2,000 miles away your car had gone off course by 12 ft., and you weren’t breathing anymore; we were trying to keep breathing ourselves. I remember feeling like a slice of lime tumbled around in a glass, … Continue reading limes.

Making “Pete”

First, you marvel. Then, consider the possibility, Finally, you take up your tools and work. This sort of process has been my experience over and over again. I see someone make something – the coolest thing ever. And it’s like they must have been blessed by the gods to be able to create like that. … Continue reading Making “Pete”

Slumber nor Sleep

“I will not give sleep to my eyes or slumber to my eyelids.” (Psalm 132:4) It is somewhat trivial in relation to worldwide catastrophe, but I sure do miss waking up in the morning to the thought of needing to be somewhere soon. Of speed walking across campus because I took too long in the … Continue reading Slumber nor Sleep

armchairs again

A few nights ago we were at Aleisha’s place for board games and food that never got taken to a cancelled Christmas party. The ten of us sharing in the warm company of friends and the cold cheer of hot chocolate poured seven or eight favorite songs ago. We were scheming about Christmas, that good … Continue reading armchairs again


Tonight, I’m gonna get on an eastbound airplane and go back home. Aleisha, Isaiah, and I were slated to be camp counselors with Mike next week at the ministry where he’s serving for a year. That was yesterday morning. Yesterday afternoon I went to Walmart and bought a watch for camp. Yesterday night they bought … Continue reading holes

toccoa falls college (and what’s up)

At the beginning of 2019, I transferred from Tri-County Technical College (which is near Clemson University) to Toccoa Falls College (which is in Georgia). TFC is a four-year, Christian, liberal arts college in Toccoa, Georgia. I transferred in as a second semester sophomore and am planning to double major in Mass-Media Communications and Biblical Studies. … Continue reading toccoa falls college (and what’s up)

Wine and Ball and Rock n Roll

I’m about half-way through Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises,” a novel from which I’ve gathered, if nothing else, that the French sure like their wine. They’ll stop twice for drinks on the way to dinner where they’ll drink again before heading to a drinking party. They speak a language of wine and liturgically share the … Continue reading Wine and Ball and Rock n Roll

the sun comes up

I try to stay writing. And it’s funny how what I write goes in cycles. For a long time, I’ve had a general goal of writing at least one song every month. Some months I’ve written many more…and some none at all. Recently, I’ve been missing the mark. I haven’t felt much like writing songs, … Continue reading the sun comes up

concerning dreams

10/17/18 11:11 p.m. It’s 11:11 and I can write anything I like – I can wish upon the stars that whirl above October. They always ask us what we could be if we could be anything we like. Well that’s kind of hard I think. But if you say it like this, like, “What would … Continue reading concerning dreams


“I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics, philosophy, and commerce in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, and music” – John Adams, Letter to Abigail Adams, May 12, 1780. — There is hardly anything I like more than music, That’s why it’s … Continue reading Title

Blood, Sweat, Tears, and Loose Change: the Essential Resources

In sociology we’re studying why some people groups are still sticking animals (and each other) with spears while others are putting men on the moon. One theory goes that it has absolutely everything to do with geographic blessedness. Simply, if you live in a place where you can grow and store crops, domesticate animals, and … Continue reading Blood, Sweat, Tears, and Loose Change: the Essential Resources

Sights and Sounds of Summer

As of this morning at about nine o’clock when I walked up the giant hill into the doors of Oconee Hall at Tri-County, summer is over. These are the (more notable) things I watched, read, and listened to all summer long. I’d love to know what you picked up and why I should see/read it … Continue reading Sights and Sounds of Summer

130 Reasons to Ride with Me

About a week ago Luke and one of his friends decided to make a list of their top 100 songs. I thought I’d do the same…and then didn’t have the heart to round out the last few dozen. So…130. It’s in the Rolling Stone’s top 500 format, sectioned off and ascending (the best are at … Continue reading 130 Reasons to Ride with Me


Today I sit down with my grandpa and grandma and ask them what it was like starting a community almost forty years ago. These two people are definitely heroes of mine. And, odds are, if you live in Oconee County, it’s due in part to them. Today we’re giving away That Printer of Udells – Harold … Continue reading Saturday


My friends, it’s Friday. Look how far we’ve come. Today my friend Trina Beachy and I drink French press coffee and ponder why it’s important that we read books. We also talk about The Hiding Place, The Lord of the Flies, and other cool stuff. Today we’re giving away All Over but the Shoutin’ – Rick Bragg as well … Continue reading Friday


Today Lavon Bacher and I talk about mission trips, learning from other cultures, and what it means to be faithful to your own community. Lavon is a family man, small business owner (Swing-O-Things), school board chairman, and a hockey fan. He’s the kind of guy you want in your circles. We held this conversation outside … Continue reading Thursday


Humpday! Today my good buddy Andrew Hollinger and I sit down and talk about Parkinson’s Law, rites of passage, and Earnest Shackleton. You’ll learn about why it is that you never seem to do your homework and why adolescence seems to stretch on and on in America. This was a really fun conversation. Today we’re … Continue reading Wednesday


Welcome to Tuesday, Tonight I had a conversation with my friend Emily Smucker beside a drum set in a Missouri basement. Emily lives in Oregon, so most of the time she is about as far away from my interviewing apparatus as one can be. But on this weekend we met in the middle for the … Continue reading Tuesday


Over the past several weeks I’ve been interviewing friends and talking with them about all kinds of different stuff. It’s been really fun…and I’ve been learning my way around Audacity. It started as an idea I had one night while trying to go to sleep. I hope you enjoy today’s edition, Welcome to Monday. Today … Continue reading Monday


Part 1: A few months ago I got the idea that I needed a work desk, a better one. I have a desk in my room, but it’s the one that Dad had at his mini-barn office…and my knees are always hitting the top…and it’s pretty ugly. So I decided I’d make a better one. … Continue reading Springtime

“My Dear People” a project.

I’m ankle deep into a project that I’m really excited about.  I think it came from listening to Andrew Osenga’s podcast, “The Pivot”. Here’s the skinny: I’m going to sit down behind a microphone with six of my friends (and then myself), ranging in age from about 20 to 70, and have a conversation. It … Continue reading “My Dear People” a project.


This morning I left my Music Appreciation class 10 minutes early so I could be on time for a short meeting with my English teacher across campus. Dear Ms. Skaar gave me an absence for those ten minutes I wasn’t present. Bless her. 5 minutes later I flopped my 10 page rough draft down on … Continue reading Unnecessary.

Today I Met a Professional

Two days ago I got a $50 parking ticket at school for backing into a space instead of pulling in. When you only work two days a week at a job that doesn’t pay very much, $50 is enough to make you write angry emails and vent to your mother. Today as I was packing … Continue reading Today I Met a Professional

Rambling Anthems

I write stuff – sometimes even when people aren’t holding guns to my head. I want to make sure to give a clear description: if you give me $5, I’ll give you a copy of a collection of demos I made called “Rambling Anthems”. I wrote most of these songs while I lived in Oregon last … Continue reading Rambling Anthems

Old Friends

7/19/17 12:45 p.m. Between Red Mesa, Arizona and the Grand Canyon On Friday the fourteenth we drove from Post, Texas to Canon City, Colorado where the long lost Stoltzfus’s live in a nice house with a great view and a gravel yard. They kindly put us up for about four days. For some reason all … Continue reading Old Friends

New Orleans

7/12/17 5:21 p.m. Mobile, Alabama Mobile is, as it turns out, the hometown of Forrest Gump in the novel – but not in the movie. Colson is the d.j. as we head south and west towards New Orleans. I’m sitting on the bed we framed into this van as we roll down 65 to the … Continue reading New Orleans

The Dawning

This page was created as a medium to keep friends up to date with what was happening in my life while I was away from home. And now July has come, I am home at long last, and its purpose has been fulfilled. Moving forward I’m not sure if I’ll use it anymore or not. … Continue reading The Dawning


Leaving home and volunteering with a ministry which focuses on traveling, I get pretty good at, or used to, saying goodbye to places and people. Goodbye room. This trip was a banquet tour, which means that most of what we did was put on banquets instead of going into prisons. These banquets raise support and … Continue reading Montana

Jawbone Flats

Some weeks ago, about three, I got to go hiking with some friends. We walked about seven miles total and saw lots of lovely things. This is what it looked like from the point of view of the guy always trailing behind and clicking away. Ben’s Honda Civic traversed several miles of the most pot-holed … Continue reading Jawbone Flats


Hello my friends, We recently, sort’s been at lest a week, got back from a twelve day tour to Washington, which is somehow even rainier than Oregon I think. The winters out in this part of the country are just relentlessly wet. The other day it rained as we walked into church, snowed briefly … Continue reading Washington

Comings and Goings

Subway. 9:31 p.m. – Lakewood, WA Hello friends. I hope you’re having a good Monday. This morning we played a few songs at a lovely Methodist church with giant sloping wooden walls and a big stained glass window where the pastor talked about the love language of quality time and how we ought to take … Continue reading Comings and Goings

Under the Rainbow

Hello my friends. This is my January as described in words and images. I hope it was a good month for you all. It definitely dealt its ups and down to me. Saturday, a week and a day ago, our youth group loaded up drove a couple hours west towards the coast for the annual … Continue reading Under the Rainbow

Coast to Coast

It’s 11:35 p.m. in the living room and there’s a fire burning. This is about my favorite time of day to be alive. They let me fly home for Christmas on December 20th. The plan was to go home for Christmas, head to Florida for a few days, come back for another week, and then … Continue reading Coast to Coast

Snow on the Green Grass

It is now without a doubt looking like winter and feeling like Christmas. Both of the local Christmas pageants have been cancelled because of bad weather and icy roads. And it just seems strange to me because the fields are still green, and I seen some of Debbie’s roses still hanging on all the way … Continue reading Snow on the Green Grass

Fall Tour

Preparing to leave. It’s kind of weird packing for a two week trip when you’ve only recently moved. It feels like you just pretty much take everything. Travis and I restrung our guitars before we left (thank you Esther for the Elixirs). And this was my first time replacing a bridge. It took me a … Continue reading Fall Tour


Someday I’d like to have a desk that looks like Einstein’s. I got to go a concert last week to see Jason Gray, Josh Wilson, and JJ Heller. It was a pretty good show that was held a beautiful dome-shaped church. JJ Heller was my favorite; her and her husband Dave did most of their … Continue reading 9/30/16


The Rock of Ages retirement village in McMinnville, Oregon hosts an event every year that features lots of live music, hot air balloons, food tents, face painting, bouncy houses, and my favorite, a huge water slide for anyone who wants to get wet. As it turned out that meant me and tons of kids from … Continue reading August.

A Long Way Home.

Summer tour has been wrapped up. My good friends have come and gone. Here’s pictures of it all. Butte, Montana We had a day where we got to go hike around the falls in Idaho where the Snake river takes a plummet. I forget where these houses were but they really cracked me up. They … Continue reading A Long Way Home.

Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania

Here’s pictures from our week in Goshen. We had a nice meal in a beautiful old barn and then later in the week was the annual ‘all team sing’. While in Goshen we stayed with Ron and Julie Martin..they took us swimming.. ..and fishing with a friend on Lake Michigan.. That night Everett and Charlotte … Continue reading Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania

Recording and Ambling On

The kids finished recording their new album after three days of hard work with the guys in the Gospel Echoes studio. I think it turned out pretty well. During the recording I didn’t have a whole lot to do besides observing the process. During the time we were in Goshen, I got to see the … Continue reading Recording and Ambling On

Thousand Oaks Gospel Camp

On Friday the 24th we arrived at the annual gospel sing event that happens in Winkler, Manitoba. It’s a great gathering of people (about a thousand) who come to camp, hear music, and spit sunflower seeds. I found their spitting method peculiar. They put one seed in their mouth at a time instead of loading … Continue reading Thousand Oaks Gospel Camp

Oh! Canada

Today about 5 p.m. we crossed into the second greatest country in all of North was pretty exciting. We entered Canada with no trouble at all. Right now I’m sitting in the McDonald’s of the Walmart Supercentre where we’re parked for the night. I hear Maroon 5 on the speakers, so apparently they have … Continue reading Oh! Canada

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