Feb 18

In many churches, women are discouraged from getting career jobs or investing in opportunities which would distract from what is seen as their true calling (motherhood in the home). And there is often an anti-education attitude which develops, perhaps unconsciously. When men are encouraged to follow the call God has placed on their lives byContinue reading “Feb 18”

Feb 16

Jimothy here is at least honest. Some ultra-complementarians (like John Piper) admit there are pieces of scripture where women are praised for doing things that don’t reckon with their theological picture of gender roles/design. At the end the day, or the beginning rather, preachers have to preach something. And something that’s black and white isContinue reading “Feb 16”

Feb 14

There is a difference between “husbands” and “men” just as there is a difference between “wives” and “women.” In conversations of gender roles, this is often garbled. Often times, sermons are given about husbands and wives, and the teaching focuses on what the dynamics of the relationship ought to look like. However, the meaning oftenContinue reading “Feb 14”

Feb 12

It’s often true, especially in very conservative church environments, that men can move much more easily between the church and the world than women can. The church’s teachings and standards keep women tightly bound to the church community which makes the thought of leaving that much harder. While women are often discouraged from getting jobsContinue reading “Feb 12”