These are songs that don’t belong to an album.

For the Sleeper

This is a song about traveling the world. It was about 3 months between the time I started writing and when I finished recording. cheers. For the Sleeper Goodnight sleeper when you sleep, I’ll be standing guard in the streets, Over everything, and everyone, Goodnight sleeper when you wake, I’ll have been around the world,Continue reading “For the Sleeper”


It was about a year ago that three of us young dudes headed west. We had bought and prepared a 1997 Dodge Wagon, a beast of a carriage. It was hideous, so we painted flames and flowers and ‘carpe diem‘ on it. It was un-homely, so we built beds in the back and threw downContinue reading “Run”

Spanish Class

The evolution of the internet is truly an incredible thing. For the past several weeks my friend Taylor and I have been working on a little project together. We were able to send ideas, lyrics, and bits of recording back and forth until finally we arrived at a finished song. Not tremendous, but finished. AndContinue reading “Spanish Class”

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