“Bartlett Lake, AZ”

On June 25 the staff and interns at Aim Right Ministries took the day at Lake Bartlett to cool off. We cruised around on a pontoon, jumped off some cliffs, and had good times all around. Watch the video by clicking the title or image.

“From the Clouds”

Aleisha and I got married on May 16, 2020! This video shows an aerial perspective of the day of and day before the wedding.


A video Aleisha and I shot in June, 2020 in Phoenix, Arizona. On a lovely evening, we took a ride downtown on bicycles. Tap the image or title to view.

“The Storm”

This video was created in May of 2020. It documents the tornado which wrecked the small town of Seneca, South Carolina.


As a junior in college, I took a media production class in which we each made a short-film. I recruited some good friends to help with the acting, and we created this!

“Mal and Tribe”

As part of Dr. Hollingsworth’s persuasion class, we were split into teams and tasked with coming alongside a small business to help with them with advertising. I handled the promotional video for our group.

“The Cabin at Orchard Road”

In April of 2020, some friends and I took a trip to my grandparents’ rental cabin in Long Creek, South Carolina. We had a blast, and this video documents our adventure!

“Delivering Meals in Seneca”

Aleisha is one of the directors at The Way Youth Ministry in Seneca, South Carolina. One evening, our staff delivered meals to those affected by the tornado which caused home damage and power outages all over the city.

“The Abstract Podcast: Episode 9”

I am the co-host of a podcast called The Abstract Podcast. This episode was about music and featured some of our musician friends. It is the first episode which we shot on video.