Hello my friends,

We recently, sort of..it’s been at lest a week, got back from a twelve day tour to Washington, which is somehow even rainier than Oregon I think. The winters out in this part of the country are just relentlessly wet. The other day it rained as we walked into church, snowed briefly while we were inside, got sunny for few minutes while we ate lunch, rained again, and then snowed pretty hard during the evening service. Quite moist. We keep a passing vigil on the lake that’s gathered itself on both sides of Seven Mile Lane, which gets us to the office and such, and wonder if it will overtake the road. How high’s the water mama? She said it’s five feet high and risin’. Here are some pictures of our trip.


We sang a few songs at this beautiful church with a white cross on top. I think this was the first time I’d ever visited a Methodist church. The inside was so cool..by the time I went back to take some pictures it was locked up. You’ll have to take my word for it πŸ™‚

And as with most churches, we borrowed some of their water.


We sang at this church located in the Pugent Sound area. The Pugent Sound is basically that part of Washington where the coast looks like it got shattered into a thousand pieces just so more people could have bay-front views. It’s really a neat place. This church hosted us for a concert and a ‘pot-providence’..there’s nothing lucky about it.

We went way up up to Neah Bay to play at a small church that sits just off the ocean.

Getting all the equipment up the stairs and into the sanctuary was no small task. After we had muscled the ‘coffin’ out of the bus, through the rain, and up the narrow passageway, we heard the pastor say, ‘Oh I could open up the door to the ramp for you guys.’ Ah yes the ramp. Ultimately it was Travis’s mighty brawn and high-lifting capabilities that solved the problem.

Along the way..

We stopped at this place to get water..some things happened.

I was, for a few seconds, the northwesternmost person in the continental USA. This is Cape Flattery which is a part of the Makah Reservation. Those mountains in the distance are part of Canada. Standing out there I felt like Lewis and Clark..but probably more like Clark because Lewis may or may not have committed suicide.


More scattered pictures.

Brent and Rita (Gospel Echoes directors) invited Travis and me to travel with their family out to the coast where Bryant, their son, was playing in the 3A state high school basketball tournament. The discovery was made that National Treasure was among the collection of movies at the rental house. What an epic tale – it’s a bit cheesier than I remembered..but still awesome. We had a grand time, and the guys took third place in the tournament. After the last game we drove back home and hung out at the Krabill family gathering. Arlen and Sharon Krabill are back from Grenada for three weeks; theirs is the house we live in. But I don’t have any pictures of the gathering or of them.

I would like you all to know what a good day I had today. It stated being good when I woke up to pure, unclouded sunshine for the first time in weeks I think. Winter is a long time of waiting for the sun – so a reminder it’s coming is good every now and then. Then about ten o’clock Travis got a text on his phone that said that my phone and wallet had been found. We played basketball at a gym the other night, and I was sure I didn’t take them in with me..I was wrong. When the guy told us he had found them, I told him that was about the best news I’d heard since the gospel. It felt really good to have God answer my prayer to lead it back to me. I remember whispering a plea while taking a sip of Gatorade telling God that I’d really love it if he’d let me find it, but also that I knew his goodness didn’t depend of anything I could or couldn’t find. It’s strange how easy it is to forget that. Anyway, he did let me find it – the reunion was beautiful.

Another thing that happened today after the finding of the lost items: Travis and I are trouncing along the streets of Albany in my little Honda Civic looking for a business where we’re supposed to pick up some stuff for the auction. I was driving, he was navigating, and we were talking and laughing about something as we pulled up to a four way stop. I heard the voice of his navigation app say something about a left turn, so I put on my blinker. There are three cars that have pulled up to this intersection, me, an SUV to my left, and a lady in a car straight across. Everyone’s got their blinker on. The guy on the left got there first so he makes his move. Then me and this lady are left to figure out who’s supposed to go next. Travis sees my hesitation and motions for her to come on out, ‘after you‘. She begins motioning something back. oh she’s gonna let me go ahead, how thoughtfulThen it became quite apparent she was doing far more gesticulating that what was required to say you first. So I sit there turning my head from this lady to Travis and back to this lady, all of the communications going over my head. I was tempted to just start flailing like an idiot..see i can do it too. Eventually her frantic message began to take shape in our minds, you should probably not make that left turn since it’s a one-way street. Ah yes an excellent point. I gave her the oh ok I’m tracking with you now international symbol: it’s where you put your first finger and thumb together and make an ‘o’. Then I proceed to wave at her to tell her that she really can come on out now that we’ve been sufficiently warned and have altered course. But apparently I had arrived at the crossing first..so she waved at me oh no, after you. I hit the gas, let out the clutch, and rolled on across all the while whacking my palm against my face. There’s a chance I’ll study communication in college, but I doubt any class will attain to this level of complexity.

Our friend Ben got tickets for me and Travis to go with him to see a Trailblazer’s game tomorrow – which is actually today since it’s two in the morning.

Here’s a riddle for you. The answer is up in the second paragraph, twelfth word in.

The hottest of hot, 

The coldest of cold,

The mother of pearl,

The bride of pure gold,

The shoes of the young,

The crown of the old,

And here’s my new favorite song. The Rainbow Connection – The Muppets, I think the last verse is simply brilliant.

I recently finished reading All the Light We Cannot See and Silence. Both are stories that give you a lot to think about and pull questions out of you that you didn’t know you had.

After hearing this song I think I need to read The Grapes of Wrath. I think it’s funny how so many people think of Springsteen as a redneck rock and roller who did nothing but scream about how he was born in the USA. I’m finding he was actually a wonderful poet who told  the stories of many many people in a way that made you want to hear them, and know them. A book by its cover and all that…here are some thoughts on that subject.

Anyway, enough with the underlined words. I hope you all can wake up to as good a day as I did. But he is faithful either way.

Take care,


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Javen Bear is 25 years old and lives with his beautiful wife Aleisha in Phoenix, Arizona. He's a graduate student in a mental health counseling program at Grand Canyon University where he also works as an admissions representative. Javen’s super-power, if he had one, would be the ability to press pause on the world and catch up on reading. He enjoys talking walks with his wife, playing guitar, and always uses Oxford commas.

7 thoughts on “Washington

  1. So good to hear whats going on in your life in the West! I wasn’t sure that there were many places cloudier in the winter than Northern Indiana, but I see that you must have found one! It sure is amazing what the sunshine does for a person. Blessings as you continue to communicate with others and navigate around town!!


  2. As an Oregon native, I have started telling visitors “welcome to the Pacific ‘Northwet'”. It’s usually good for a chuckle, and it’s often accurate. πŸ™‚ Having said that, This has been an unusually wet winter, even by Oregon standards. My boss has said a couple of times that he has made more weather delays or outright cancellations this year than any other year he can remember, and he’s owned his own business for at least 15 years. So I guess you’re getting in on something “special”, haha. But hey, at least we should have FAR fewer people talking about fire danger this year.

    Oh, and yes, the West side of Washington is usually wetter than Oregon. Not sure about this year, though.


    1. Thanks for the good read/update, I could just picture the fourway stop encounter, must have read it at least half a dozen times, It just gets better n better,πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Good post! You write about Washinton being rainy, yet I see something that looks an awful lot like blue sky in some of those pictures. Hmmmmmm. Also, thanks for linking me πŸ™‚


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