Do I Have to Give Money When People Ask?

I’ve never been big on using the language of “spiritual attacks,” but I think I was spiritually attacked. The week before we moved to Arizona, we bought a bike for me. It was a beautiful red and silver bike with narrow road tires and a heck of a lot of gears. I was pretty proudContinue reading “Do I Have to Give Money When People Ask?”

Dreams, Come True & Run Dry

Come True It’s easy to miss recognizing things working out. I have a tendency to update my goals as I go, which is good, but it makes it harder to realize how good the present really is. I remember wishing so badly for a “real” guitar to replace the rather chinsy, never-staying-in-tune, stringed piece ofContinue reading “Dreams, Come True & Run Dry”

“Art, Wearing Masks, and Being Homeless”

Collin and I are both beginning our senior year of college. It doesn’t seem like that long ago we were riding in a silver Ford Focus, I turned toward him and asked, “So are we actually gonna go to college?” And he said we were.  Somewhere along the way, we both decided to transfer andContinue reading ““Art, Wearing Masks, and Being Homeless””