Old Friends


12:45 p.m.

Between Red Mesa, Arizona and the Grand Canyon

On Friday the fourteenth we drove from Post, Texas to Canon City, Colorado where the long lost Stoltzfus’s live in a nice house with a great view and a gravel yard. They kindly put us up for about four days. For some reason all three of us had crazy dreams while we slumbered on their couches. On Saturday we went to the Royal Gorge. On Sunday we went to church and then to the river. I’m not really sure what the others did, but Patrick and I traipsed off down the road and caught a slew of tiny panfish in a mucky, overgrown pond. We took one poor victim back down the trail as proof of our success, of course stopping to let him breathe every now and then. Ashton gave us the grand tour of the thrift store on Monday morning. It pretty much puts every other thrift store I’ve been in to bitter shame. We scored some cool books by Donald Milller and Louis L’amour and Longfellow along with a pair of sweet green Nikes. Ashton will probably getting home about the same time we do. She and Katie took us out to their favorite Sushi place Monday night. After battling chopsticks the duration of an exquisite meal, we met Randall and Patrick and the theater, which shows the same movie for a week straight on its single screen, for the finale of the Planet of the Apes trilogy. That’s a pretty awesome series.

As I type this I feel like a cowboy riding a crazy horse, which is a pretty good description of Talulah trouncing and jerking while Colson pilots her over, around, and through everything between us and that huge crack in the earth. The rain and hail have begun to beat mercilessly upon our graffitied steed. We have two leaks that we know of: the emergency hatch and the back door. But she rolls on faithfully.

Yesterday morning around ten we left Mahlon’s place. It was really great to see all of them again. The night before we left Randall said that it’s always good to see friends from your childhood because it seems like you can never make that kind of friend again. I think that’s true. It’s almost like all the growing up you do together in your youth binds you together. We left, returning shortly after to retrieve my forgotten cosmetics bag and hat, and drove to Four Corners and then finally set up shop in a pull out somewhere around Red Mesa, Arizona. Last night was the first that it’s been bearable enough to sit outside and make a meal. We heated three cans of soup over a propane burner and dined in the desert. It was awesome.


Published by javenbear

Javen Bear is 25 years old and lives with his beautiful wife Aleisha in Phoenix, Arizona. He's a graduate student in a mental health counseling program at Grand Canyon University where he also works as an admissions representative. Javen’s super-power, if he had one, would be the ability to press pause on the world and catch up on reading. He enjoys talking walks with his wife, playing guitar, and always uses Oxford commas.

3 thoughts on “Old Friends

  1. The rain and hail have begun to beat mercilessly upon our graffitied steed. = my Favorite.
    So glad y’all spend time at Mahlons, sound like good times.


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