All the Songs

This is the most complete collection of my songs ever collected! Most of them have been posted before (not all), but never all in one place. What follows are the three EPs with all their songs (click the links to listen) and a short synopsis for each album.

“A Wide Open Room” (August 2019)

a wide open room

These songs are about trying to find perspective and looking towards the future, which at the time looked like a wide open room. A couple friends helped me with some of the recordings and Aleisha helped with the cover photo. My favorite song is track 3, “In Your Arms.”

All I Know

Good Old Days

In Your Arms

To the Sea

With You

“Songs for the Springtime” (Feb. 2019)

songs for the springtime

This second collection of songs was written out of a pretty hard time – but with the hope of new life and resurrection in mind (springtime). The vibe of this collection is pretty mellow and raw, and I think that fits. I really like a lot of these tunes, “April” “Numb” and “Springtime” are my favorites.


God Bless Us All

For the Sleeper

Pull for You


The Sun Comes Up

Between My Hands




“Rambling Anthems” (Jan. 2018)

stage of white and black 9999.jpg

*This is the first collection of songs I ever recorded. They are dear to me, and as I listen to them I think of Oregon and what it felt like to be eighteen and nineteen years old. They were (almost) all recorded with a borrowed mic and my Taylor guitar in an upstairs room. My favorite is track 4, “What Love Is” and track 2, “For Your Morning.”

Blessing Song

For Your Morning


What Love Is



Mountain Song

I Love You More

Others Too


A Lot Like You



Misc. Songs

Ryan’s Song (cover)


Spanish Class

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Javen Bear is 25 years old and lives with his beautiful wife Aleisha in Phoenix, Arizona. He's a graduate student in a mental health counseling program at Grand Canyon University where he also works as an admissions representative. Javen’s super-power, if he had one, would be the ability to press pause on the world and catch up on reading. He enjoys talking walks with his wife, playing guitar, and always uses Oxford commas.

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