Songs for the Springtime -Side B-

Here is the second set of songs. Whereas most of the (side A) songs were written for friends, the songs on this side are pointed a bit more inward. Some came from watching a film (I wrote “Between my Hands” after watching Manchester by the Sea) or a documentary (“Numb” was written after watching Child of Rage – aContinue reading “Songs for the Springtime -Side B-“

Songs for the Springtime -side A-

I am pleased to present to you, good friends, the top side of this collection of demos. These first five songs (side A) were all written for people right around me. *use headphones. Rambling Anthems: Volume Two – Songs for the Springtime — if the Lord should tarry, let the springtime come, — – tracksContinue reading “Songs for the Springtime -side A-“