My New Comic Strip – FUNDAMENTALS

The scoop: every day in the month of February, I’m publishing a comic strip I’ve drawn! I’ve never been much of an artist. I once decided to make a sketch everyday to improve my drawing skills – I think I made about three. However, I have made 28 drawings for this new project! I reflectContinue reading “My New Comic Strip – FUNDAMENTALS”

Gender Roles in Church: Some Reflections

My wife, Aleisha, and I live in Phoenix, AZ and have just started attending a church a few blocks from our house. We’re beginning the work of making friends, getting connected, finding a place. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on the tradition and church I was raised in. Many of my dearestContinue reading “Gender Roles in Church: Some Reflections”

To Be (Vaccinated) or Not To Be

Preface A few weeks ago I sat down with my friend to eat some Vietnamese food, and over my lemongrass dish I explained about a piece I’d starting writing – this piece about getting vaccinated. And my friend wasn’t convinced it was a good idea – you should at least put it behind a paywallContinue reading “To Be (Vaccinated) or Not To Be”

What’s the Weekend For?

This is a revised version my capstone paper for the communication studies program at TFC. The full paper can be found here. Workin’ Nine to Five The workweek is often viewed as a prerequisite to the weekend. This is to say the workweek is a necessary, but somewhat contemptible, element of surviving 21st century AmericanContinue reading “What’s the Weekend For?”

Three (Local Pastors Told Me Their Hopes for 2021)

There are two phrases that keep coming back to me. “It is what it is.” & “It’s not what it could be.” The new year is a new slate, symbolically anyways. The spike and then steep dive in gym memberships around this time of year tells us flipping the page on the calendar doesn’t intrinsicallyContinue reading “Three (Local Pastors Told Me Their Hopes for 2021)”

Three (Lies We Believed)

*A contributor who wishes to remain anonymous helped with this article. *There is a video version of this article at the bottom of the post. Three lies we have believed as Evangelicals. God have mercy. 1. We Believed Actions Were More Important Than Communication and Character. We believed you could untangle these three elements ofContinue reading “Three (Lies We Believed)”

Examining the Let Us Worship Movement

This piece was written for a class in which we were to examine a cultural phenomenon and identify possible narratives and identities being created. A New Kind of Revival: Red Stripes in the Let Us Worship Movement COM 363: Media and Society October 31, 2020 Toccoa Falls College ABSTRACT In the late 1960s the JesusContinue reading “Examining the Let Us Worship Movement”

What I Learned Writing About Homosexuality (Part 4)

Taking Responsibility This is not how I planned to wrap up this series of articles. I intended to write an introduction, four articles summarizing four different views, and then end with a concluding post outlining some of my own thoughts and beliefs on the subject of homosexuality and the church. This undertaking was far moreContinue reading “What I Learned Writing About Homosexuality (Part 4)”

Homosexuality, the Bible, and the Church (Part 3)

Introduction *This post is part of a series dealing with a very difficult topic. It contains some mature language and themes. In part 3, I’ll be looking at the chapter written by Megan K. DeFranza who offers the second affirming view in the four part book, Homosexuality, the Bible, and the Church. She received aContinue reading “Homosexuality, the Bible, and the Church (Part 3)”