For the Sleeper

This is a song about traveling the world. It was about 3 months between the time I started writing and when I finished recording.


For the Sleeper

Goodnight sleeper when you sleep, I’ll be standing guard in the streets,

Over everything, and everyone,

Goodnight sleeper when you wake, I’ll have been around the world,

Tell you bout the friends I made, tonight,

I’m gonna go around the world,

I’m gonna sail through the sea,

I’m gonna ride on a desert train,

I wanna know what’s there for me,

So don’t you wait up for me,

Just lay your pretty head down and dream,

Goodnight dreamer when you dream, I’ll be dancin’ round in the rain,

Of another sea, another place,

Goodnight dreamer with the sunrise, I’ll be back again,

Tell you bout the land outside, tonight,

I’m gonna go around the world,

I’m gonna sail through the sea,

I’m gonna ride on a desert train,

I wanna hear them call my name,

So don’t you wait up for me,

Just lay your pretty head down and dream,


It was about a year ago that three of us young dudes headed west.


We had bought and prepared a 1997 Dodge Wagon, a beast of a carriage. It was hideous, so we painted flames and flowers and ‘carpe diem‘ on it. It was un-homely, so we built beds in the back and threw down carpet. It was sure to break down, so dear Jesus we prayed.


She was an American made metal camel – sometimes willfully carrying, sometimes having to be dragged across the desert. But we all made it through, east to west and back again. ‘‘Fading West’‘ was something of a last hurrah before college and real jobs and stuff to tie us down.

I’ve been a fan of Springsteen for a while. And this was an attempt at a song of his style from last August recorded on a Galaxy Note 5.


We were rollin’ with fire in our eyes and down the sides of a hippie van,

Into the wild west where dreams waltz up and take you by the hand,

We were runnin’ like a prophet said the end times was near,

Like a deal with the devil gone bad and was runnin’ for the clear,

And it’s any man’s guess, how far we’ve come,

It’s every man’s dream, to run like we run, 

Run boy run,

Someday the strong tie of a family’s gonna hold me down,

And someday my name is gonna mean somethin’ in this here town,

Someday a whole lotta folks will depend on and look up to me,

But today is not that day, today I am free,

And it’s any man’s guess, how far I’ll go,

It’s every man’s dream to roam like I roam,

Go boy go,

Through the red-rock mesas that run through the desert sands,

The razor blade highways that cut through the badlands,

The California coastline, Montana big sky,

And between the lines, till you get back home,

Keep her between the lines till you get back home,

Spanish Class

The evolution of the internet is truly an incredible thing. For the past several weeks my friend Taylor and I have been working on a little project together. We were able to send ideas, lyrics, and bits of recording back and forth until finally we arrived at a finished song. Not tremendous, but finished.

And I say we made a song together. Basically I just gave him some lyrics and ideas, and he did all the vocals, instrumental recording, and mixing. That boy can play.

And here is what we came up with: “Spanish Class”