Recording and Ambling On

The kids finished recording their new album after three days of hard work with the guys in the Gospel Echoes studio. I think it turned out pretty well. During the recording I didn’t have a whole lot to do besides observing the process.

Tim and Todd.
the guys who make it happen

During the time we were in Goshen, I got to see the Ron and Julie Martin (Dad’s sister) and family. I hung out with their church’s youth group Friday night and stayed the night at their house. They were very good to me, and it’s always good to see faces you know the names for.

the Martin house

We headed out of Goshen Friday the first of July bound for Michigan. We met up with Mike’s parents (and his sister Christine) who were gracious enough to buy our supper at Bob Evans..which serves up a pretty good salad.

Mike. Elmer. Martha. Christine. Lars. Debbie

A group of about 60 people gathered in a Walmart parking lot on Saturday morning to get ready to do a prison rally. We headed to the prison and played music and served ‘pop’ to many many inmates. It was a fun thing to be a part of, and you could tell the guys really enjoyed the fact that people came out and served them. Then we drove several hours up into the first finger on the left side of the Michigan hand to Corwin and Trenda Schrock’s house in Traverse City where we parked for the night. They are really nice people. We used their shower, petted their dog, ate their pancakes, and played at their church on Sunday morning. It was an a cappella service which was difficult for us since we don’t ever sing a cappella at services. They were kind enough to serve us a good lunch in the basement church afterwards before we drove downtown to see the Blue Angles air show over the bay of Lake Michigan I believe. Someone told me this is the first show they’ve done since one of their men crashed and died. It was a good show and a beautiful day.

Does it get more American that the Blue Angles on July 4th weekend?

After the show we hit the road and got back to Goshen in time to see fireworks from Jim’s yard..along with quite a few others. Good food, sweat tea, good times.

We’ll be here in Goshen for the rest of the week for the annual planning meetings. My family is coming on Wednesday I think. I look forward to that. Take care my friends.


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2 thoughts on “Recording and Ambling On

  1. Thanks for that very interesting letter. It’s so good to hear from you,and it makes me feel like you’re not so far away as You really are…your way of writing makes it colorful. Well not colorful, but gives a glimpse into your life, and I love it !?


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