Fall Tour

Preparing to leave.

It’s kind of weird packing for a two week trip when you’ve only recently moved. It feels like you just pretty much take everything. Travis and I restrung our guitars before we left (thank you Esther for the Elixirs). And this was my first time replacing a bridge. It took me a long time to get the bone sanded down..but it actually worked, and she still plays great.

The ferry ride to Vancouver Island.

The Craigdarroch castle.

We went to this awesome castle in Victoria. It was a mansion a guy was building for his family..then he died before it was finished. The inside was incredible, and there was this guy in a kilt that could really blast on the bagpipes. The streets around the place were quite small for ‘the whale’ to turn around in, and there weren’t hardly any parking lots, prompting Mike to speak his mind,

‘If I was on the city council, I’d pass a law that says we’re gonna take every building that halfway needs repairs, tear it down, and put up a parking lot.’

On the island.

I tried calling home on a payphone. But it wouldn’t accept my debit card for some reason..would have been so cool though.

At one prison we got the pleasure of loading and unloading our equipment in the rain. Good times.

Back across.

The last prison service.

We got to go in alongside the regular volunteers Sam and Debby Bass and Deby Berkilmer: all wonderful people. We actually got three Debbies in one picture there.

Nile Valley Church.

This was our only church service of the tour. Pastor Toby and his family were really fun to hang out with. The man has got tons of good jokes.

The countryside.

The bus.

It was awesome having Bethany, the new nanny, along. She makes great food and is just generally pretty fun.

Canadian things.

So long.


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