Gender Roles in Church: Some Reflections

My wife, Aleisha, and I live in Phoenix, AZ and have just started attending a church a few blocks from our house. We’re beginning the work of making friends, getting connected, finding a place. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on the tradition and church I was raised in. Many of my dearestContinue reading “Gender Roles in Church: Some Reflections”

To Be (Vaccinated) or Not To Be

Preface A few weeks ago I sat down with my friend to eat some Vietnamese food, and over my lemongrass dish I explained about a piece I’d starting writing – this piece about getting vaccinated. And my friend wasn’t convinced it was a good idea – you should at least put it behind a paywallContinue reading “To Be (Vaccinated) or Not To Be”

Do I Have to Give Money When People Ask?

I’ve never been big on using the language of “spiritual attacks,” but I think I was spiritually attacked. The week before we moved to Arizona, we bought a bike for me. It was a beautiful red and silver bike with narrow road tires and a heck of a lot of gears. I was pretty proudContinue reading “Do I Have to Give Money When People Ask?”

What’s the Weekend For?

This is a revised version my capstone paper for the communication studies program at TFC. The full paper can be found here. Workin’ Nine to Five The workweek is often viewed as a prerequisite to the weekend. This is to say the workweek is a necessary, but somewhat contemptible, element of surviving 21st century AmericanContinue reading “What’s the Weekend For?”