Diffuculty of Hell & Ease of the Spiel

Introduction This post is part 1 in a 7 part series of reflections as I turn 25 years old. I’m convinced that to be human is to struggle and to struggle with God. This series serves to honor the difficult questions. I don’t know if everyone has questions their mind continually turns over while theyContinue reading “Diffuculty of Hell & Ease of the Spiel”

In the Dirt With the Angel: 7 Reflections on turning 25.

In Genesis 32, Jacob has just left his uncle Laban’s house where tensions were very high. He heads out and goes to meet his brother, Esau, who may very well kill him and take everything he owns. After sending gifts as well as all his family, servants, and possessions to meet Esau across the river,Continue reading “In the Dirt With the Angel: 7 Reflections on turning 25.”

After the Jester: 5 Ideas for Women & Men in Church

In February, I published a comic strip. It was a satire project – this strip is what I imagine a conversation around gender roles might look like if the ideas we hold internally spoke to each other openly. In this piece I would like to look for answers to two questions: 1. Why write aContinue reading “After the Jester: 5 Ideas for Women & Men in Church”

Feb 25

“The best marketing scheme in history is men successfully getting away with calling women the “more emotional gender” … because they’ve successfully rebranded anger as not an emotion” – Claire Willett Jimothy here reiterates the old argument some folks like to level – women are too emotional to be trusted with leadership. I, like dearContinue reading “Feb 25”