Oh! Canada

Today about 5 p.m. we crossed into the second greatest country in all of North America..it was pretty exciting. We entered Canada with no trouble at all. Right now I’m sitting in the McDonald’s of the Walmart Supercentre where we’re parked for the night. I hear Maroon 5 on the speakers, so apparently they have access to some of the same music here. About an hour ago I purchased a large pack of Canada Dry and a big bag of all dressed chips. Those are two areas where they’ve really got something going for them.

So now actually I’m mooching off the wifi in a Best Western motel in Canada. Wifi is rather hard to come by on the road. Today was another long day. We went to bed about        1   a.m. and got up about 7 a.m. (I’m getting to see both sides of many days 🙂 and then played 2 services in a prison. We loaded up and then drove 3 hours to another prison and played another service. We’re getting better and the services are becoming enjoyable. I didn’t have much fun the first couple times we played, but it’s getting better. Tomorrow we’re joined by the man, the myth the legend: John Schmidt. Should be a good time. Last I heard we’re in Manitoba. Long way from home eh?

Here’s some pictures from the journey so far. (I’m still pretty bad at navigating this site so bear with me as I learn)

a really cool joint in Conrad, Montana where they made me a cherry, vanilla Coke. The girl comes outside and takes your order with the change thing on her belt..super cool.
Hood River, OR
Home for the night.
My faithful companions awaiting our first gig in the Conrad Mission Church.